you are allowed to like arctic monkeys

even if you can’t name matt helders’s second cousin’s landlord’s weed dealer’s grandpa’s canary

don’t let some pissant tell you otherwise

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Alex Turner about Miles Kane debut album.

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oh shit anon, i just remembered that hedi has photographed arctic monkeys (back in the early days, 2005!) when they were still causing riots in small london venues. i would love a shoot now more than anything. from the dive bars to arenas and the olympics etc etc. it’s like coming full circle. i need it.

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Arctic Monkeys In New York: The Outtakes

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Alex & Arielle

on the set of R U Mine? shoot [x]

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Esquire UK,March 2014,HQ Scans

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Song: Do I Wanna Know (Split)
Artist: Artic Monkeys




Arctic Monkeys - Do I Wanna Know (Split)

The left ear is the original version while the right ear is an acoustic version of the song which I found here. Make sure you use headphones!

For more songs or audio edits by me click here.

For a download link click here.

This is fucking perfect omfgsjsn

i think i just peed the moment he started singing

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“There’s loads of things we’ve backed away from or not done that maybe would have made us a bigger band but weren’t necessarily that credible or something we could live with ourselves for. Even if that’s just a song idea that’s a bit dishonest in a way. It’s quality control. As long as we all agree on stuff, then I think we’ll be alright.” {x}
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Alex Turner walks into an upscale restaurant in central London wearing his leather jacket and carrying a bottle of water. It is two days after the Brits, and his jet lag is still a problem. He’s been up since 4am. “I’ve looked at everything on the internet,” he says. “Well, not everything. Not, like, the nasty stuff. Every motorbike on the internet.”

Esquire, May 2014

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"I never liked the idea of being everywhere, and I think because it was such a whirlwind, you try to keep some semblance of control. You try to be, like, ‘Well, I don’t want to overdo this thing…’ and there’s this idea that maybe it will burn out if you do." {x}
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“We had that mindset where we just fucking hated anything like that [award shows] but realised we probably should go. Then we got it in our heads we were going to go and cause trouble and be idiots. We’ve grown up a bit now.” {x}
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Alex Turner for Esquire magazine. 

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